MagicFest Core Selections Information

Editors Note:  Below we have an Update from Ryan Darris from CFBEvents with some info about the upcoming Magic Fest Core selections.


Hello Judges,


    Core selections for May through August are underway and we have received several questions  about how we are evaluating Judge level and Head Judge certifications during this transition period. Judge Academy is hard at work creating the system for the long term and we want to give them time to implement proper solutions.   We realize that we are staffing well into the future and do not want new L3s or Head Judges to have to wait until September or beyond to get an opportunity to use their new certifications. So for this wave of Core, we will be reserving some Lead and Appeals Judge slots until the event specific applications close.  Any judge that achieves L3 between now and the end of May will be given a Core leadership role opportunity at an event between May and August (if their availability aligns). Since there are fewer opportunities, we cannot guarantee all new Head Judge certifications will get an Appeals Judge role during this window, but we will do our best to accommodate as soon as possible.


Now for some more long winded clarifications and explanations:


What do I mean when I say new L3s will be given  a Core leadership role opportunity “if their availability aligns”?    

  • This simply means that there are limits for each event.  If three new Judges become L3 and all of them are only available for Providence, it’s likely that only the first two will be able to be added in Core leadership roles to that event.  Any new L3 Judge with availability for at least two events will be guaranteed a Core leadership role.


What happens to the empty slots if no one levels up and fills them?

  • We will fill those slots from the Core and Head Judge applications when the event specific applications close.   In the unlikely event no one from the Core application is available, we will select leads from the normal applications.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me directly:



-Ryan Darris