MAJL Trophies Are Finished!

This summer, we ran the first Magic Arena Judge League (or MAJL), a digital event series that was free for Judge Academy members around the world. The top 4 point earners from each region were invited to compete in a special event. After going through weeks of league play and a grueling invitational, we wanted to do something special for the top 8 players. In the next few days, we will be sending all of them a unique commemorative acrylic plaque with their name and place on it. We’re really excited about how these turned out, and wanted to share them with you.


Awesome, right? These plaques are a collaboration between Judge Academy and Tiffany Allmandinger of Command Acrylics. She worked with our staff to design and hand-craft the awards. We’re super excited for how these look and hope to collaborate on more diverse projects in the future. In fact, we are already working on a very special winner’s trophy for the Angie Chandler Memorial Tournament so keep your eyes open for that one! If you’re as impressed as we are with how they look, check out the Command Acrylics store or send them a message directly for your custom project needs.

These weren’t all the prizes, either! Arena booster pack codes were given as random door prizes at each league event, and the top 8 point-earners from each region were sent Judge Academy exclusive sleeves made by Ultra-PRO. Additionally, overall winner Jovy Eramela will be featured on Judge Academy’s first Judge Feedback token. More details on the token will be coming as we get closer to its release.

The Magic Arena Judge league was a big success in terms of giving members of the community something to participate in while they are stuck at home and not running physical Magic tournaments (stay safe!), and we love that we could run them. We look forward to supporting more community events like this one in the future.


  1. Miguel Angel

    Hello: Very nice detail from the organization when making those acrylic plates. My question, to those of us who were in the top 8 of each region, will you mail each one or each regional manager? Waiting for an answer, I say goodbye congratulating you for the initiative of the event.

  2. Nicolette Apraez

    Hey! These were for the Top 8 of the finals. Top 8 from each region’s leaderboard should have received Judge Academy sleeves either with their promo shipment or shortly after. If you believe you should have gotten those and didn’t, feel free to contact us via email or the Contact Us form so we can look into what happened!