Promos are in the Mail!

Hey all! Mailings went out at the end of last week.

Y’all did great. Most people had their addresses in their profiles, and those with missing info responded very quickly! The entire process went fairly well, and will continue to get smoother.

Some members are already starting to receive their mailings. Please remember it can take up to a week or so to arrive an any particular location, so please be patient as the influx of “where are mine?” emails can make it hard to triage and find urgent issues that need being solved.

That said, if you do have an issue with your mailing, please fill out a help ticket online or email us at (please not both, they go to the same email!) so we can look into the error and find a solution as soon as possible.

Outside of that, we are making great process with our translations! We could still use some more Japanese translators, but we have most of our Spanish content done, and a large percentage of the modules assigned out and waiting to be completed.


  1. Varler

    If we are still working on getting our Judge certification, will we receive the promos when we finish? Or have we missed the first wave of promos?

    1. Jose Ledesma

      You went receive your first wave until you purchase your membership. This first wave was an extraordinary one for the ones who signed up before the 31st of October. Anyways, your membership last a year since the moment you sign so you will always receive 2 mailings per active membership period. Hope this helped

      1. Game Over

        Hi! I´m trying to subscribe to a membership but the site shows me an error saying “this product cannot be purchased”. I have already passed the lvl1 tests, any guesses what could have gone wrong? thanks for the help!