Samantha Harr Promoted to Magic Judge Program Manager

Judge Academy is excited to announce that Samantha Harr has been promoted into the role of Magic Judge Program Manager. Samantha, called Samma by her friends, started as our Communications Champion, and has played a critical part in Judge Academy outreach initiatives, content direction, and business planning. Her agility in collecting and implementing user feedback will continue to drive the judge program forward in her new role.

As Program Manager, Samantha will be responsible of overseeing and communicating the direction of the Magic Judge certification program. Samantha will be leading our talented group of Champions in developing new content while further refining Judge Academy’s current educational offerings.

Prior to Judge Academy, Samantha worked in the fields of design and marketing, as well as managed two different very successful local game stores. As a Level 2 Magic Judge and a cohost on JudgeCast, Samantha has become a pillar of the judge community. Samantha earned her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and she is currently working towards her MA from the University of Florida.

In her free time, Samantha enjoys going on travel adventures, playing video games, and watching old cartoons.
(Talk to her about anime produced before the year 2000 if you ever need a conversation starter!)