Streets of New Capenna Prerelease Kit


I’m so excited to share our Streets of New Capenna Prerelease Kit with all of you! Prereleases are some of the most fun events you can run as a judge but they can be challenging, especially for anyone who hasn’t judged live magic in quite some time (which is likely a lot of us.) We’ve put together these resources to help you prepare for your event and make the experience a great one for you and your players. Included you will find a rules primer for SNC mechanics, checklists to help you prepare, a quick guide to Two-Headed Giant, and our SNC prerelease Bingo card for you to fill out at your event!

Remember that these resources (with the exception of our helpful rules primer) are suggestions to help you create the event that fits best into your situation. Use what makes sense for you and change what you need.

We plan to offer new versions of this resource kit for each prerelease. We have separated the resource kit into set specific resources, which will change with each new set such as the rules primer, and evergreen resources that will remain the same for each set, such as our guide to Two-Headed Giant. The links below will let you download the full set or either of the two subsets as a zipped file folder, or access each of the individual documents.

Most importantly: Let us and your fellow judges know how things go! With events happening all over the world, there’s nothing like signing on to social media and seeing pictures and hearing stories from all over. If something funny happens at your event, you have an idea you want to share, you fill out your bingo card, or just want to show us the packed event you’re judging, let us know! Post your stories and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, or any other social media using the hashtag #JudgeSNC or tag Judge Academy on Facebook!

Resource Kits

Full SNC Prerelease Kit
SNC Prerelease- Set Specific Resources

Individual Resources – Set Specific

SNC Prerelease Introduction – An introduction to the prerelease kit with information on how to share your prerelease experiences with other judges

SNC Prerelease Bingo Card – See how many of these things happen at your event, and then share with your fellow judges
SNC Judge Announcement Cheat Sheet – Suggestions on what to mention about the set mechanics during your opening announcements
SNC Rules Primer Page 1 and Page 2:  A quick reference sheet to the mechanics of Streets of New Capenna, to use when preparing for the event and during rules calls

Individual Resources – Evergreen

Software Trouble Quick Guide
Guide to Two-Headed Giant
Pre-Event Prerelease Judge Checklist
Pre-Event Prerelease Tournament Organizer Checklist
Prerelease Announcements Checklist