Tuesday Update (1-14-20)

Last week’s message: You can do this now!
This week’s message: Hey, they did it!
We had a great first week of being global, and we are excited to reunite with our global family, that just keeps getting bigger and bigger!
Events: If you’ve been to our events page recently, you may have noticed that it is temporarily out of commission! Well, that will change at the end of this week. On Friday, we will be launching our event application portal where TOs can post events and anyone with an account can apply to work them! There will still be a few tweaks made mid-flight, but nothing that will stop users from being able to begin creating their applications for conferences and events!
Forums: Now that we are finishing up the events system, we are gearing up to begin our redesign of those pesky forums. Kyle has made a forum post under General, and is looking for any feedback, suggestions or requests people have for what forums will look like moving forward!


  1. Christopher Wolfe


    Will the current events listed on JudgeApps be transferred to the Judge Academy Events page, or will they remain there and all new events moving forward being posted here? Curious how the transition will work out, as I’m applying for my first upcoming events as an L1!