Tuesday Update (1/28)

Hey all! Thanks for all the talks over MF NJ, it was a busy weekend, but I’m glad I got to touch base with some judges and help run some great events!

At this point, we have confirmed with all the Wave 1 distributors that the 1/15 mailings did go out at the end of last week. Some of you have already started receiving them! If you have any questions, please be sure to email us at Questions@judgeacademy.com.

Additionally, this is a reminder that if you are in a Wave 2 area, the final cut-off to be included in February Member Mailings/Distribution is January 31st, which is THIS FRIDAY. After that date, we will export members and addresses to send off for distribution. If you are having any errors please let us know as soon as possible and ahead of time so we can help you solve your issues. Please reach out to us at questions@judgeacademy.com, as opposed to personal channels or other mediums, as this will help us triage urgent issues, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.


    1. sanschutz

      I was wondering this as well. Will I be getting the Demonic Tutor and other cards from this wave, even though I became a level one judge only 2 days ago (before the Jan 31st cut-off)? Or will I receive July and next January cards?