Tuesday Update! (12/10 Conference Promos and CC Selections!)

Hello! Lots of good stuff this week. First off, we have made our selections for Community Consultant / Logistic Coordinators for 2020. They will begin their roles on January 1st. Those selections are:

Mark Brown

Bruna Chiochetta

Europe – East
Georgi Benev

Greater China
Hans Wang

Hispanic-America North
Omar Gonzalez

Hispanic-America South
Adrián Estoup

Russian Speaking Countries
Eugene Bazhenov

Southeast Asia
Yu Win Yew

Thank you to everyone who applied, I’m excited to work with these individuals to help Judges around the globe! Once we get everything worked out with them, keep an eye out for update bios on our Community Consultant page.

Next up, our Conference Promos, along with some additional information for conferences!

Ta-da! We have Sylvan Tutor and Arena Rector, our two Conference Exclusives for 2020. These will not be a part of our member mailings, but will be 2 of the 4 promos that make up our Conference Pack. The other 2 promos in each conference pack will include promos from previous waves.

Additionally, after going our our first large wave of upcoming conference applications, it’s clear many organizers are going above and beyond to help make conferences a memorable experience for everyone. To acknowledge that, we will be sending out a few additional Conference Packs as a thank you. One of these, will go to the Organizer of the event. The other will go to the TO/Venue. For example:

  • At a Mini-Conference, all Judge Academy certified attendees will get 1 Conference Pack, Presenters (not including the organizer) will receive 1 additional pack, the Store hosting the mini-conference will receive a pack as a thank you for helping to encourage the pooling of knowledge and support of judges in their area, and the organizer will receive 2 additional packs.
  • For a large Regional Conference, all Judge Academy certified attendees will get 1 Conference Pack, Presenters (not including the organizer) will receive 2 additional packs, and the Primary Organizer will receive 3 additional packs. If a TO/Venue is hosting the conference, they will also receive 2 packs.

In the next week or so, we will clearly update the conference page, but for now, everything is the same as it’s described here except the Organizers should get +1 pack from what is written, and TO/Venues are being added to the list of people receiving thank-you promos. If you have any questions about Conferences, please feel free to email me at Nicolette@judgeacademy.com

As for those of you who have submitted requests, I apologize for the delay. I was out-of-office last week and am still catching up on exam and conference requests. I hope to have them all confirmed by end-of-day this Friday. If you believe you submitted a request and you don’t hear back from me this week, PLEASE email me so we can figure out what went wrong and get you what you need.

Thank you all for being awesome. I hope to talk to you tomorrow during Office Hours ( 9-10am and 4-5pm Pacific on twitch.tv/judgeacademy )