Tuesday Update (2/25)

Hey all! We have now filled all of our slots for content creation. We are happy to use a number of returning content creators, as well as some new (but well known) faces.

Regardless of the content creator, we are working with a number of L3s including our MTG Advisors to ensure that the quality of both the modules and the accompanying quizzes are accurate and consistent. We’ve tweaked what we are asking for from the content creators to ensure that as we move forward, rules/policy changes or issues can easily be addressed without an entire re-do of the material.

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback, whether it was about our Level 1 modules, forums, event tools, or anything else. We are working every week to get new features going, and to keep on improving the ones we have.

For now, it’s been a fairly quiet but busy week. Approving outlines for content creators, working with our developers on event updates, and getting ready for a busy March in preparation for our L2/L3 modules going up in April. I mentioned this last week on stream, but I am hoping to get all the pieces in place so that we can announce the new definition in March, and give people a few weeks to work to figure out where they stand (especially those part way through the L3 process), before the process goes live in April.