Tuesday Update (4/14) – Catching Up

Hey, everyone!

Just like many other companies around the world, in order to continue to be productive, Judge Academy is finding out what it means to work digitally. For us, it’s a lot of Discord, phone calls, Facebook messenger, and Google web meetings.

We’ve been doing what we can to make sure that everything keeps moving forward, whether that’s coordination for cancelled/postponed conferences, mailings, working with content creators, contract payments, or anything else. That said, without being in the same room, without being immersed in whiteboards and post-its, and without in-person conversations that serve as daily reminders, I KNOW we’ve forgotten something, and I’m sorry.

As we wait for the last bits of our content for L2/L3 to come in, I want to use this next week/end to make sure that we pick up any of the balls that may have dropped as we were juggling everything these last few weeks.

So, if you are missing something, anything from me and Judge Academy, PLEASE LET US KNOW. Yes, we are busy, but I’d much rather have a list of problems to fix or conversations to have, than to think we are all caught up only to find out that one of us never pressed “Send” on an email 3 weeks ago.

If you are missing stuff for a conference that was cancelled, you should contact the Conference Organizer for details about how promos will be distributed for your specific conference. If you are a conference organizer, you should have already touched base with Kyle. Otherwise, if you are waiting on us for anything please let us know, so we can work to solve whatever issue you might be having. Please email Questions@JudgeAcademy.com so that we can all work to triage and get responses to you as fast as possible.

Stay Safe, everyone!