Tuesday Update 5/12 (MAJL Sign-Ups)

Hey all! Thanks to everyone who came out and played in the Judge Academy Magic Arena Judge League!

For those of you who haven’t seen, our leaderboards from Week 1 are up https://judgeacademy.com/magic-arena-judge-league-leaderboards/

I wanted to add a few clarifications and note some changes for this weekend:

First off, I wanted to remind judges that only your best finish for each weekend will count towards the Leaderboard. We don’t want judges to feel like they have to grind multiple events or stay up late in order to have a fair chance at placing.

Last week we ran our events at Noon Saturday Pacific and 11pm Saturday Pacific. However, since the Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier is this weekend, we have decided that for this week (and this week only) to move the first Saturday event to Sunday. The Saturday evening event will remain unchanged. This is not something that will happen each time there is a qualifier, but since it is the largest one and one anyone can take part in around the world, we decided to make it easier to accommodate giving judges the most opportunities to have fun!

To be clear, the times for this weekends events are as follows: 

The signup process has also changed, you can signup below. Please remember that you will need to log-in to your Judge Academy account in order to sign up:

https://judgeacademy.com/majl3 (UTC-Sunday 06:00)
https://judgeacademy.com/majl4 (UTC-Sunday 19:00)

We’ve also added a few Voice Channels (named Streaming Rooms) to the Judge Academy Discord in case people want to stream their matches. If you are watching a stream and end up paired with that player, you’ll need to leave their stream before starting your match. If you have not joined the JA Discord, I’d strongly suggest doing so before the tournament. In addition to the Help channel for issues and questions, there is also a general chat for those playing in the tournament, and a channel for Pick-up games between rounds. It’s a party, so check it out!

Finally, based on Feedback we’ve made a few changes to the structure of the event. We will be utilizing decklists on MTGMelee. While this does mean you will need to play the same deck for rounds 1-4, this will allow us to be much more flexible in our solutions regarding disconnections. This will also help with round one no-shows as the system should drop any player without a decklist submitted before Round 1 is paired. If you need help submitting your decklist, check out the “how to play” link on MTGMelee, or ask us on Discord.