Tuesday Update 9-15 (Slow response times)

Hey all.
I wanted to give you a heads up, we’re having a rough time here in Oregon, as I’m sure many of you who are feeling the effects of nearby wildfires are as well. The air quality here has been fluctuating on the AQI between “Very Unhealthy” and “Hazardous”. None of us are currently in the evacuation zones for any of the nearby fires, but they are close enough that we are keeping a constant eye on it.

Some of us are relocating to get to better air quality, some of us have sheltered-in-place and taped up windows. Personally, I’m still working everyday, but between taking breaks from smoke headaches and scratchy throats, and needing to be ready to drive elsewhere at any point, I wanted to give you all a heads up that we’re all going to be moving a little slower this week. So if you emailed us Friday or over the weekend, I should we working my way through those in the next day or two.

With that in mind, I’m also not going to host official discord office hours tomorrow. If you need anything, please feel free to message me via discord, email etc.

Whether it’s Wildfires, Covid-19, or anything else, please take care of you and yours.