Tuesday Update – August 25th

Hey all!

We’ve had a ton of stuff pop up in the inbox this week. Between promo inquiries, answers to our Call-Outs last week around PEIs, Panels, and testing help last week, and a TON of conference requests for Q4, there is a lot to go through! I’m going to do my best to work through all of the emails as quickly as I can!

This week I’ve got a ton of things going on on the back-end:

  • We’ll be selecting our contractor from applications that have come in, and getting them situated so we can keep moving on content.
  • We’ll begin assigning PEI members and Panel Members to L3 Candidates
  • Finalize promo for conferences that need to be shipped this week
  • Continue to work on Module editing
  • Deal with any outstanding promo issues from the mailing

My goal is also to approve the first wave of new conferences early next week, once we’ve made sure audiences aren’t overlapping.


Outside of that, there is also a new Module up this week:

  • Mentoring in and Out of Events