Tuesday Update! Holiday Info

Hey all!

This week, we are working on putting a pin in out outstanding issues. This means we are hoping to take care of as many things in our queues prior to the Holidays, including emails and help tickets involving accounts, conferences, or mailings. Here are some important dates tentatively coming up:

  • 12/18 : Open Office Hours 9-10am and 4/5pm Pacific
  • 12/23-1/1 : Office Closed (minimal email). No Twitch Stream hours on 12/25 or 1/1.
  • 12/31 : Last Day for sign-ups for Mid-January Mailing
  • 1/6 : Global Launch (2nd Wave)
  • 1/15 : January Mailings leave for 1st Wave Areas
  • 1/31 : Last Day for 2nd Wave Members to join for Bonus Early Bird Mailing
  • 2/15 : Early Promo and 2020 Mailings leave for 2nd Wave Areas

2 Last Reminders:

  • For 1st Wave (currently in-service) Judges, our deadline for signing up in time for our January mailing is 12/31. We will be pulling names and addresses as of 1/1 when we get back in-office, so please take a moment to make sure your address is correct for a mailing leaving on 1/15. If something changes after 12/31, please email us as soon as possible so we can make the correction.
  • For 2nd Wave (joining 1/6) Judges, DON’T FORGET that you can already register for your account and migrate your historical level, in order to get a lot of the heavy lifting towards purchasing your membership taken care of ahead of time!



  1. Matthew Goff

    What does “1/31 : Last Day for 2nd Wave Members to join for Bonus Early Bird Mailing” mean? If I miss the 12/31 deadline for the January promos then will I be able to get them if I meet this deadline? What does it mean to be a second wave member?

    1. OmarGonzalez

      “2 wave “is for judges that are currently outside of judge Academy support areas (like Mexico, Brazil or Australia)
      On January 6, all those regions will get into Judge Academy, and so they can sign up and pay for it.

      If ur area is currently supported (thats means u are able to pay the sign up) that means u are a wave 1 judge

  2. Steven Chisolm

    If someone in from a wave 1 region were to sign up for the Judge Academy between now and January 31st would they receive the mid February “Early Promo and 2020 Mailings leave for 2nd Wave Areas” shipment as well? In a previous post I saw “January 31st – Last day for *currently* out of service judges to sign-up and get their memberships to be added to the Feb 15th Mailing. (This includes 2020 promos AND the previous promos)” and wasn’t sure what” out of service reffed to. Furthermore if people signing up now from wave 1 regions don’t receive the promo shipment in February, when would they be receiving their first shipment?