Tuesday Update: July 21 (MAJL Winner!)

Hey, all!

First off, congratulations to Jovy Eramela (Canadian Level 2 Judge out of British Columbia) for winning the Judge Academy Magic Arena Judge League (MAJL) Finals tournament this weekend!

Jovy was in the Top 4 of the Canada Regional Leaderboard with 45 points when the 8-week League ended, qualifying him for the MAJL Finals.

And after 6 rounds of Swiss and a Top 8, Jovy and his Rakdos Sacrifice claimed victory!

Congratulations to the entire Top 8:

  1. Jovy Eramela: Rakdos Sacrifice (Canada Region)
  2. Killian Twomey: Mono-R Aggro (EU-North Region)
  3. Venelin Gornishki: Temur Reclamation (EU-East Region)
  4. Cameron Anderson: Mardu Winota (EU-North Region)
  5. Dennis Xiao: Mono-G Stompy (Southeast Asia Region)
  6. Diego Gonzalez Vilas: Bant Ramp (Hispanic America-South Region)
  7. Matteo Venturi: Mono-G Aggro (EU-South Region)
  8. Maximilian Gerlach: Orzhov Yorion (EU-Central Region)

As well as everyone who qualified for the MAJL Finals, and anyone who played in the League! We’d love to do something like this again, so if you have any comments or feedback, please let us know!

Outside of that, this week the rest of the L2 Advanced Comprehensive Rules track went live. This week we’ll be finishing edits and corrections on the Competitive REL modules, and processing any new feedback that comes in about the L2 Rules modules:

  • 100s Game Concepts I
  • 100s Game Concepts II
  • 200s Parts of a Card
  • 300s Card Types
  • 400s Zones
  • 500s Turn Structure
  • 600s I Spells, Abilities
  • 600s II Effects
  • 700s Additional Rules
  • 800s+900s Multiplayer + Casual

Once I’ve done that, we’ll incorporate things like the cooldowns on quizzes, and the Badge itself that will show on your profile when you complete the track, and keep pushing forward.

This is also a reminder that if you are using the old L2 or L3 checklists, those need to be submitted by the end of the month. If you aren’t sure where you fall in the process, please feel free to email me at Nicolette@judgeacademy.com. I’m happy to schedule a time to hop on discord and talk about where you are, what you are missing, anything like that. Just please make sure to read through new posted requirements first, as that may also answer many of your questions.

Outside of that, please stay healthy and safe! That’s all I have this week. As a reminder, I’ll be in the Judge Academy Office Hours Discord channel from 9-10am and 4-5pm Pacific tomorrow, if anyone wants to drop by to get real time questions answered.


  1. David Schumacher

    Hello Nicolette, I had to cancel the Digital Conference on Aug 15th due to a family emergency. I sent messages over Facebook/email. I’m reaching out to all participants and I have already deleted the event. Let me know if there’s anything else I need to do. Thanks