Tuesday Update – L2 Tests Live

Hey all! This week we added our final L2 class to the Competitive REL track. This completed the Comp REL badge and was our last class left before launching the L2 Exams. This means that all L2 courses now have a 1-day cooldown, each badge final exam has a 2-week cooldown, and the L2 Exams have a 2-month cooldown.

As a reminder – In order to level up to MTG Level 2, you must complete ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Must hold an active Level 1 certification and have completed all Level 1 Required Courses (Core Competency, Event Management, Community Building tracks)
  2. Must complete and passed all Level 2 Required Coursework, including the exams for the Advanced Comprehensive Rules Badge and the Competitive REL Badge
  3. Must have a recommendation review from judging together at a Competitive REL event written by a Level 2 or Level 3 Judge in the previous 12 months
  4.  Must pass both parts (Rules and Policy) of the Level 2 Exam. These exams are Open Documents (IPG, MTR, Comprehensive Rules) but are timed.

Once you have done all 4 of those things, your level will be automatically updated to Level 2. There is no additional charge to advance to Level 2 during our COVID renewal fee grace period.

I’ll be around tomorrow for Office Hours as usual, and any outstanding emails/conference requests should be responded to by the end of the day tomorrow before I then disconnect to prep for Thanksgiving!