Tuesday Update – Nov 17th

Hey all! I wanted to get this out before it got too late on our end. Today I finished up another L2 Module, Working with Other Judges, in the L2 Event Management track. I’ve passed that off and expect it to go up on the site later tonight, so be sure to check back tomorrow!

This week (and weekend if needed) I plan to make whatever edits need to be made to get the last L2 module up by next week. The script is done and everything is already recorded by our content creators, so I’ll format the powerpoint for the video and make any edits as quickly as I can!

I’ll be out of the (home)Office on Thursday for a medical procedure, but expect to be able to catch up on any outstanding emails or questions in the few days following.

Outside of that, over the next 1-2 weeks I’ll be looking at ironing out Conference Policies for 2021. If you organized, presented at, or attended a conference in the last 3 months (conferences were last updated in August for conferences in Sept-December) please feel free to submit any feedback or ideas to the Contact Us form.