Tuesday Update – Oct 27th (Angie Chandler Tournament this weekend!)

Hey all! As a reminder, the Angela Chandler Memorial Tournament is taking place on Sunday at 9am PT

Angela Chandler was a phenomenal friend and organizer for the Magic Judge community. She was a great example of what the Magic Judge community strives to be, and everyone who interacted with her walked away better for it. Sadly, Angie passed away recently after a long fight with cancer. This memorial event seeks to recognize her contributions and help give back from the community. All proceeds will be donated to the GoFundMe campaign organized to benefit her children during this difficult time. Many companies and individuals have donated prizes to the event or committed to giving to the campaign, resulting in several thousand dollars worth of prizes and contributions, and we are incredibly grateful.

You can read details and sign up here: https://mtgmelee.com/Tournament/View/3877

If you aren’t able to join us to play some standard, please consider tuning in to watch our commentators cover the event:

  • Brad Nelson
  • Elliot Raff
  • Eric Levine

We’ll have a viewing link available later this week!

Additionally, a new module went up last week, and 1-2 more will be up by the end of the week as well:

  • MTG: Organizing Digital Events

Between being ill AND a busy/hectic last week, I’m definitely behind on emails. I’ll be around in the Discord for office hours as normal tomorrow. That said, I’ll likely just be working through the hour between questions, so feel free to come with questions or just exist like normal, but I won’t be streaming or anything like that.

As a final note, over the last week, we’ve reached out to a number of judges for statements regarding the incident that happened on the Judge Academy Discord server. If you were not contacted, but feel you might have additional information for us to consider, please feel free to email us at Investigations@judgeacademy.com before the end of the week.