Tuesday Update Sept 22nd

First off, thanks for your patience last week. Fires aren’t out, but it has since rained and air quality is much better overall!

Over the next week, we are going to be trying out a few new features based on feedback and comments from our members.

This week we’ll be starting to put out the new Digital Events modules. These will be available as a new tab on your skill tree, and one they have all gone live, there will be a final review/test that will give you a Badge on your profile for completing those modules. This includes classes on how to organize a digital event, overviews of Wizards Eventlink, Melee.gg, SpellTable, and tools, and digital tournament/policy documents.

As they go live, we will be emailing members to let them know that new classes are up!

Finally, all newly requested conferences should be processed and accepted/declined by the end of this week, and I should be fully caught up from issues last week by then as well. As a reminder, if you are considering running a conference in Q4, please plan ahead, and apply as early as possible. That way you have time for us to process the request (1-2 weeks) including gathering feedback, asking any clarifying questions about the application, connecting you will other nearby conference requests, and getting you an answer while still leaving you enough time to plan a solid event for your community.


  1. Victor P

    Any update on when the last two Level 2 Modules and the three Level 2 test will be available?

    1. Nicolette Apraez Post author

      Test is ready, and will be up as soon as the last module goes live.
      Last two modules will be up as soon as their corrections/edits are finished.

  2. Robert Hinrichsen

    Are there any updates on L3 educational content? With all due respect, I signed up for Judge Academy as an L2 almost a year ago now, with the promise that there would be educational content that would be relevant to me and help me grow as a judge. While I understand the decision to prioritize L1 training content, I am beginning to feel like I’ve been forgotten. As far as I can see, NONE of the L3 modules are live yet (if this is incorrect, please link me the active module(s).) When December rolls around and I have to decide whether to renew my subscription, what assurance can you give that next year there will be content I can use?

    1. Nicolette Apraez Post author

      L3 Modules have been completed by the judges and are going to go up as soon as L2 is done, we have ~25 in total at this point, and given the fact that we used L3s for all of them as the creators or paired with L2s, I’m hoping that when it comes to editing, we won’t have to correct a bunch of mistakes/errors.

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