Tuesday Update – Sept 8

Hey all!

There’s a lot going on on the back-end, so I wanted to update you all!

We are down to 2 modules left for our L2 Content! While those are getting finished up, over the last week or so, we’ve created our online Level 2 exam. It is being tested and will go live once everything is in place. The badges for L2 Rules and Comp REL Policy will also be going live once those last 2 modules are posted. At that time, the modules themselves will be getting a 24 hour cooldown on each module quiz, 2 week cooldown on each of the two badges, and 2 month cooldown on the L2 exam itself.

As things start to finally settle down, we are re-working our community communication plans, and we’ll be setting up some additional announcements, emails etc over the next few weeks. Over in the Discord server we’re going to be doing some house-cleaning and re-organization. To start with, we’ve added a “Level 3” role that will grant access to a few special channels, and we’ll be adding and changing some of the already existing channels to better reflect the way they are currently used. The Level 3 role is not automatically granted, so if you are a level 3 judge that uses our discord server, please send me (Nicolette Apraez) a message on discord and I will make sure you are given access.

Additionally, we’ve had some questions about notifications and public versus private information on our site (especially around user search). Please make sure that you take a quick look at your profile under the Privacy and Notifications tab. There you can choose what information is viewable/searchable by other users, and what type of things things you receive notifications about (like new conferences, applications being accepted/declined etc).