Tuesday Update – September 17, 2019 – Q4 Judge Promos!

Judge Promos: Hey, everyone! A while back, we announced the names of the Promos that would be going out as part of out November 15th mailings. Well today, we are announcing the finalized cards/arts, which are attached as pictures! This will go out as a thank you to anyone who subscribes to Judge Academy during the month of October, and that mailing will scale by level, just like other mailings.

Additionally, as a way of showing our commitment to a getting to a global judge program as soon as possible, we will be setting these and any thank yous aside between launch and when we expand so that those Out of Service Judges will receive the same thank-yous, should they join in the first month Judge Academy is live in their area.

These are also the Quarter 4 Conference Foils. You can read Damian’s post here: https://blogs.magicjudges.org/…/updates-to-conference-supp…/

Conferences: Starting in October, our event application portal will be live, and with it, Conferences. Anyone can create an event and label it as a Judge Gathering or Conference (which will include both Mini and Large conferences). In order to be labeled a Judge Academy “Sponsored Conference” with Judge Promo support, an L2+ Judge will need to request sponsorship and give us some information (plan for presentations, etc). Conference Support for attendees at Sponsored Conferences will include a 4-pack of Judge Promos, consisting of the 2 Conference Exclusive promos, and two other Promos from the previous mailings. This process will be open in October for Jan 2020 conferences and on. For conferences between now and Jan 1, you will continue to use the current method or requesting support!