Upcoming Dates (11/5/19)

Hey, everyone!

Today’s update is fairly brief, and serves mainly as a reminder for upcoming deadlines and items. Things that are on the horizon but not listed with an exact date are Call-Outs for L2 and L3 Content Creation, selection of Translation Help (if you applied you should hear back next week!), the re-release of our Forums subsystem, and the creation and release of our Events/Application portal (which we hope to have done by the end of the year). This is just a few of the things we are working on in the next few months!
  • November 15th – Thank you mailings for October sign-ups getting sent out! (reminder that it may take a week or two to arrive at your address). This is also the day that applications close for the Community Consultant roles that start in January.
  • November 16th – The list of applicants for each area will be published in order to solicit feedback from the community about candidates.
  • December 3rd (Tuesday, obvs) – Promos for January 2020 will be announced, as well as the 2 conference exclusive promos!
  • December 10th – The selected Community Consultants will be announced to the public during our Tuesday Update
  • December 31st – Last day to be added to the January mailing for currently in-service areas.
  • January 6th – Global Go-Live and the first wave of translation materials should be up!
  • January 15th – Member mailings will be sent out for judges currently in-service! (reminder that it may take a week or two to arrive at your address)
  • January 31st – Last day for *currently* out of service judges to sign-up and get their memberships to be added to the Feb 15th Mailing. (This includes 2020 promos AND the previous promos)
  • February 15th – Street Date for promos for *currently* out of service areas.