Update – Nametags and Conferences

First off! Many of you have already placed orders on the MTG Pro Shop for Judge Shirts! Steve has been working over the last week to add JA Nametags to the site for sale as well. A few things on this:

  1. If you purchase a nametag while making another order, there will be no additional shipping charge for that item.
  2. If you have already made an order, and would like to add a nametag to a past order, use theĀ shipnametag code and add your initial confirmation number as a note and it will be shipped with that order. (This means if you were part of a group order, you’ll need to grab the confirmation number from the person who placed the order, but there will be no added shipping cost to do so). There will be an option for Free Shipping that is made available that you will need to choose!
  3. You will also need list the email associated with your Judge Academy account to verify judge status.
  4. The Name Tags can support
    • Full Name
    • A bottom line that can be used for pronouns, your name in a different language, etc
    • A spot for the 3-letter codes for any languages spoken. Please consider your own level of proficiency in each language, and whether you would feel comfortable being called on to help a player or answer a judge call in that language.
  5. As a reminder, orders for the first wave are open until the end of the month! https://mtgproshop.com/product/judge-academy-name-tag-2/

For example! Mine would be: “Nicolette, Apraez, She/Her, ENG, SPA” for something that looked like:

Second! Last week, Wizards of the Coast lifted their suspension of organized play from Japan and scheduled a lift of the suspension in Africa.

While the in-store play suspension in North America, Latin America, and Europe will remain in place, enough places in the world are at various stages in their inoculation plans, that it’s come time to evaluate our current stances on Digital-Only Conferences. In the next ~24 hours, we’ll be updating our conference policies page and support request form to accept requests for physical conferences in areas where sanctioned in-store play is open.

We will still be supporting digital conferences regardless of region or in-store play status.

For physical conferences, organizers are responsible for complying with any and all local or venue-specific rules, regulations, and guidelines. Organizers may also impose their own restrictions on any conference they are hosting (for example – requiring masks to attend).


    1. Nicolette Apraez Post author

      Anything that isn’t one of those will need to be manually approved, but as long as it isn’t offensive or otherwise inappropriate for something intended to be used in a professional setting, it should be fine!

      As long as you keep in mind that what’s on there will be viewable for better or for worse to players, other judges, and TOs, and that the name tag is intended to help players and judges know how to best interact with you at an event, you should be good.

    1. Urban_Kenobi

      Should produce and ship within a couple of weeks of the batch order going out at the end of the month, according to the last line on the MTG Pro Shop order page.

      “These items will be produced on demand. The preorder period will begin April 9th and run through April 30th. Prices shown represent a 10% discount from pricing good through the initial preorder period. At the end of the preorder period, those initial orders will be sent for production. Additional production will be sent once per month. The deadline for adding to the monthly production order is the last day of the month. Orders will be pulled and sent to production on the last day of the month, with the new order period beginning on the 1st of the following month.

      Any items ordered at the same time as a Judge Academy Apparel item will ship at the same time the Judge Academy item ships.

      Once the products are sent for production, it will take about 10 days to 2 weeks to complete, items will ship as soon as they are complete by the method selected at checkout.”