Weekly Update – 3/26 – One Less Thing to Worry About

The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of chaos and change. Many things are being pushed back, postponed, or cancelled entirely.  This is a lot of things to keep track of amid all the real world things that are changing on a daily basis.


In light of current events, we are postponing some things in order to help lower the mental burden when there is so much else in the world consuming everyone’s time and energy.


First, we originally said that April 1, 2020 was the deadline for a few things.  This was a deadline for Judges whose region was eligible to join Judge Academy on Oct 1, 2019 to migrate their Historical Level over.  This was also a deadline for L1s who did migrate over to finish all the courses in the Community Building track.


We would not like to have this deadline looming over anyone during this time, so we are postponing those deadlines so that people can remain focused on everything else that is going on without having to worry about potentially losing their certification. The new deadline for both of these is changing to June 30, 2020 to sync up with the deadlines for the rest of the world.  


We have also worked with JudgeApps to coordinate our responses to this unexpected event. JudgeApps has decided to delay the expiration of Historical Levels, which ensures that affected judges have more time to migrate their Level to Judge Academy.  You can find more info on that here.


Finally, L2 and L3 content creation has slowed a bit as well.  Judges come from all over the world and are all in very different places in life. This is one of the things that makes this community as great as it is.  With all of these recent restrictions and recommendations this has impacted some folks more than others. Rather than try and replace content creators who have had disruptions in their lives, we decided it would be better to continue to support and work with folks to get the outcome we had originally planned, but on a timeline that works with their new circumstances. 


This means that L2 and L3 content is going to be delayed by a couple weeks to allow for those impacted to take the time they need to produce the best content possible.  We don’t expect this delay to be more than a couple weeks, but because things are changing on a daily basis we don’t want to set another deadline to loom over folks who are already struggling with recent events.  We will be working with those content creators to figure out a timeline that works for them. 


Thanks for sticking with us as we work through this challenging situation, together.

– The Judge Academy Team


  1. Wendel

    That’s good news to read, we need to stick together at this time. One question: how about the L2/L3 process? The “old way”was due to April 1st as well. Will this also be postponed? Thanks!

  2. Ryan Freeburger

    Will you still be releasing information about the level redefinition on the previously discussed schedule or will that be postponed to sync up with the release of the L2/L3 content?