Accomplishments | Q1 2022


MTG: How to Run a PrereleaseMTG: Teaching Tournament Best Practices

Let’s Talk Logistics
First Impressions
2021 in the Rules-View Mirror
Let’s Talk About Endorsements

First Week Presentations
JA Community: Prereleases and Judge Gathering
JA Policy Modules and Exams: Changes and Goals
JA Logistics: Experience vs. Online Learning
JA Rules Modules and Exams: Changes and Goals
Conference Policies in the Omicron Era


MTG: Access for All
MTG: 2021 New Mechanics
MTG: NEO Update Quiz – Easy
MTG: NEO Update Quiz – Hard
MTG: Studying Magic Strategy

Policy Wonks: The Competitive Judge’s Guide to Regular REL
Strategy Schmategy: Finding the Perfect Someone
The Rulebook: Why is Dress Down the New Humility
Community Corner: Let’s Confer About Conferences

First Week Presentations
Learning Strategy and Evaluating Advantage
Policy: What to Expect at a Prerelease
International Perspectives on Mentorship
Rules Preview: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty
Staying Connected with Judges


MTG: Studying Magic Strategy
MTG: Advanced MTR
MTG: Fundamental MTR (Updated)
MTG: “Judging at Regular” In Depth (Updated)


The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Judge Errant
Playtests, Proxies, and Counterfeits, Oh My!

First Week Presentations
Developing a Tournament Series
NetReps and the History of [O] Policy: Where Do We Go from Here?
Making Fun of Tournaments! (Mock Tournaments)
Judge Writing Workshop


Judge Academy supported 262 digital and physical conferences with a total of 13,850 attendees

77 Conferences approved for first quarter
70 More conferences already approved so far for the rest of the year.
(Keep those applications coming!)


Monthly Office Hours
Judge Academy Wave 1 Promo reveal
Parallel Lives sketch reveal
Merch Box announcements
Samma’s substandard Photoshop creations
Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Prerelease Kit
L3 Bonfire Meeting