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October 2022 Judge Academy News and Updates

It’s October, friends! Spooky season is upon us! If you have a Magic-themed Halloween costume planned, please send us pictures. (Field Creeper by artist Anthony Palumbo is Samma’s favorite spooky Magic art!) EoY Conference Sponsorship Thank you all for the influx of wonderful sponsorship applications for 2022 End of Year Celebration conferences! Acceptances have just […]

September 2022 Judge Academy News and Updates

Happy September everyone! The revamped conference sponsorship application and information page are now live. We appreciate everyone’s questions and feedback regarding the new conference processes, and we will keep making improvements as we go. While we’re on the topic of conferences, the 2022 End of Year Celebration conference sponsorship application is now up on the […]

Accomplishments | Q1 2022

January Modules MTG: How to Run a PrereleaseMTG: Teaching Tournament Best Practices Articles Let’s Talk Logistics First Impressions 2021 in the Rules-View Mirror Let’s Talk About Endorsements First Week Presentations JA Community: Prereleases and Judge Gathering JA Policy Modules and Exams: Changes and Goals JA Logistics: Experience vs. Online Learning JA Rules Modules and Exams: […]