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Judge Academy Merchandise Kit Information – Edgar Markov

Hello Magic Judges! Information about the much-anticipated Edgar Markov merchandise kit is now finally available for public release! Let’s get into it. What Comes In The Kit? Merchandise 1x Ammonite Anti-Theft Backpack (Red/Black 2020-Exclusive) 4x Exclusive Transparent PVC Vampire Tokens (Steve Argyle Original Art) 1x Edgar Markov Card Binder (4-Card Pages) 1x Edgar Markov Playmat […]

October 2022 Judge Academy News and Updates

It’s October, friends! Spooky season is upon us! If you have a Magic-themed Halloween costume planned, please send us pictures. (Field Creeper by artist Anthony Palumbo is Samma’s favorite spooky Magic art!) EoY Conference Sponsorship Thank you all for the influx of wonderful sponsorship applications for 2022 End of Year Celebration conferences! Acceptances have just […]