Judge Academy Merchandise Kit Information – Edgar Markov

Hello Magic Judges!

Information about the much-anticipated Edgar Markov merchandise kit is now finally available for public release! Let’s get into it.

What Comes In The Kit?

1x Ammonite Anti-Theft Backpack (Red/Black 2020-Exclusive)
4x Exclusive Transparent PVC Vampire Tokens (Steve Argyle Original Art)
1x Edgar Markov Card Binder (4-Card Pages)
1x Edgar Markov Playmat
1x Edgar Markov AR-Enhanced Pinfinity Pin
1x Pinfinity Grab Bag Drop – (Could be Common, Uncommon, or Rare!)
2x Packs of Judge Academy Sleeves
1x Edgar Markov
1x Ezuri, Claw of Progress
1x Reflecting Pool
1x Morophon, the Boundless

Want to See Some Merch Images?



Card Binder


Pinfinity Pin

Judge Academy Card Sleeves

Details and Additional Info

$312.50 USD
(This includes sales tax and shipping costs for units sold directly by Judge Academy.)

Preorder Window
May 19 – June 19
(The preorder window will close early if the kits run out of stock before June 19. Kit quantities are highly limited, so don’t wait too long.)

Who Is Eligible to Purchase This Kit?
Currently certified Judge Academy Magic Judges, Level 1 and higher.

Shipping Contraints
Unfortunately because Judge Academy is now having to do sales, fulfillment, and shipping in-house, we are only able to sell and ship these kits within the USA and Canada. We know this is disappointing for our international judges, and we apologize that we don’t have the resources to sell globally yet. We are continuing to look for sales partners with global reach for future merchandise offerings. In the meantime, for those international judges who are really excited for the Edgar Markov kit, we recommend coordinating with a judge friend who lives in the USA/Canada, or looking into parcel forwarding services.

Password and Product Sales Link
The link to our new online store and the password to purchase the Edgar Markov merchandise kit will go out via email to all currently certified Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 judges tomorrow (Friday, May 19). Keep an eye on your inboxes!


  1. Tristan.Hof

    Will there be any way to get the Judge Academy Sleeves without the rest of the package? And if yes, will this be possible to order from outside of the US?

  2. Jason Howlett

    How about making the Edgar Markov available through Conferences for regions outside US/CA, so that we can feel that you care and actually support the REST OF THE WORLD?

    Alternatively ask Wizards of the Coast for the contact details of their shipping partners for the Secret Lairs, they seem to be able to manage it.

    Or even reach out to the various organiser that are running the Open, Tour, Showdown and arrange contract with for them to fulfil within their region, as they are already shipping OP kits to those region?

    This is not an unsurmountable issue and one that can be easily fixed with existing contact within the sister business.