August 2022 Judge Academy News and Updates

Hey, all! August News and Updates are below! 

July sure flew by! The Judge Academy team has been working hard on updating out-of-date educational content as well as reorganizing the conference application system for faster turnaround time on approvals and sponsorship package mailing. More on that in a bit!
Samma will be traveling this week, but don’t fret! Office Hours are still on! Daniel and Jonah will be taking charge of Office Hours tomorrow in the
JA Discord from 9-10am Pacific and from 4pm-5pm Pacific.

See these times in your local time zones: 9am Pacific / 4pm Pacific

July Content:

Since our last update, there’s been some new content by our Champions!


Policy Wonks: This Whole Sequencing is Out of Order!
Strategy Schmategy: Imposter Syndrome
Community Corner: Casual Judge Gatherings


Policy Clarification: Deck Problem
Policy Clarification: Cryptic Spires


The L3 Preliminary Exam is now live!
(Any veteran L2s feeling brave enough to start taking the journey to L3???)

Upcoming Experiences:

  • First Week: On August 8 – August 12!
  • L3 Bonfire Meeting: L3s and L3Es join us for a social gathering the last Wednesday of every month at 10am Pacific on the Judge Academy Discord.
  • Level 1 Merchandise Box information will be revealed very soon.

Conference Sponsorship Update:

We realized that the conference sponsorship process was way too clunky on our end, so we revamped it! The process is now smoother than ever for Judge Academy staff and conference organizers alike. A few key points:

One-Form Application
Having organizers fill out an application for sponsorship approval and then a separate application for sponsorship promo requests was the cause of regular confusion, but no more! From now on there will be one form for organizers to submit their conference plans.

Preset Sponsorship Box Sizes
Counting out precise numbers of promo cards for each individual conference took up a huge amount of working hours and left us all in a logistical pickle if a conference needed extra promos for any reason. Now, conference organizers will select what size sponsorship box they think is appropriate for their conference attendance expectations. This allows conference organizers to get have extra promos on hand in cases of promo damage or a number of other issues that may arise. Unused conference sponsorship promos will be mailed back to Judge Academy where they will be audited and added back to inventory.

One Webpage
Conference information was spread out over what felt like a million different pages and Samma finally couldn’t stand it anymore. Now all conference information will be available on one single webpage. No more getting lost and confused trying to find information!

This is where the all future conference information will live, along with a gallery of current and past Judge Academy promo cards:

Privacy Settings:

Check your privacy settings! Having critical information hidden (such as your profile, name, level, or region/country) will make it much harder to be accepted to events or conferences. Having your info hidden also makes it harder to be contacted by potential employers for staffing opportunities, such as TOs looking for judges to staff their upcoming Regional Championship Qualifiers!


Samma and the Judge Academy Team