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Judge Academy 2022 Announcement – The Short Version™

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That was a lot, wasn’t it? Don’t panic! Here are the important things to know:

Structural Changes

  • We are no longer organizing our members primarily by region.
  • Judge Academy is hiring Champions for each motivational judge-type. (Tournament Rules, Event Logistics, Game Rules, Community Relations).
  • Champions will create initiatives and content intended for their archetype.
  • Local distribution hubs will still be used for conference sponsorship distribution.
  • In 2022 JA is expanding L1 Translation materials in Portuguese and Chinese.


  • In 2022 the membership fee changes to $75 USD, regardless of level.
  • JA has restructured so that we no longer need to collect VAT from EU members.
  • Judge-exclusive merchandise packages will be available for purchase. More info will be released on this soon.
  • Membership renewal will open in November for 2022 dues.
  • Unrenewed memberships expire and move to Rules Advisor on Feb 1, 2022.
  • New-member welcome bonuses will not continue into 2022.


  • You will be notified when new content is posted that is required for maintenance.
  • L1 and L2 advancement processes have not changed.
  • JA has confirmed L2 badges, the L3 process, and advanced L3 certifications.
  • L3 Modules are live. Forms for sign-offs and digital L3P will be live in January.

Judge Academy Promos

  • Direct-mailing promos is an unsustainable process.
  • 2022 Judge Academy Promos will only be distributed as rewards through conferences.
  • JA is striving to make the distribution of promos less transactional and more clearly rewards based on community engagement.
  • The promo theme for 2022 is Enchantments.
  • Conference Support Structure for 2022:
    • Two new promos will be released every three months.
    • Digital conferences will give out the two new promos.
    • In-person conferences will give out the two new promos as well as two older promos from the previous wave.
    • Conference organizers and presenters will also receive a previewed promo that will only be available to organizers and presenters up until the December End-of-Year Celebrations in 2022.
    • Promos spoiled so far: Wave 1 – Greater Auramancy, Omniscience; Wave 2 – Parallel Lives, Stranglehold; Preview Card 1 – No Mercy.

Site Improvements Coming

  • Graphic design overhauls to the website – More simple and visually appealing.
  • Social features such as: Friend List, Messaging, Activity Feed, Skills Endorsement, Profile Customization, Judge Resume Creator.
  • Better event creation capabilities. Events can be marked as “favorites.” Old events will eventually be imported for record-keeping purposes.
  • Persona System – Judge, Tournament Organizer, Player, and Game Publisher.
  • Each interacts differently with the site. Personas toggle needed buttons to make navigating the site easier.
  • New account registration is being simplified.

Judge Projects

  • Judge projects are coming back and JA will be providing project organization and management tools to help.
  • Judge projects will be built on and follow an Open Source framework.
  • Judge projects are independently organized, meaning JA cannot direct, manage, or control any judge projects.
  • Judge projects can be privately owned or community owned, but are never owned by Judge Academy.
  • Judge projects are not compensated by Judge Academy. Judges are free to participate (or not participate) in judge projects as they see fit.

Beta Testing

  • Judge Academy would appreciate some beta testers for the new features, so sign up here if you are interested!

Tournament Organizer Program

  • Judge Academy will soon have a skill tree and modules specifically for TOs.
  • The goal is to make events even better!