Judge Promo Delay Announcement – Q1 2022

As many of you may know, our Judge Academy promos rotate each year. The 2022 Judge Academy promos were slated to begin distribution at conferences starting last month, in January 2022. It was our (and Wizards) goal to have them in the hands of our regional distributors prior to the start of Q1 so they would be ready to be sent to physical and digital conference organizers in January-March.

Unfortunately, between the holidays, COVID delays and shutdowns, and this being a fairly new purchase, printing, and fulfillment process for both us and Wizards, this was delayed a lot longer than anticipated. Judge Academy finally received the promo shipment this week, and is working on inventorying and accounting for any damages so we can quickly get them out to you.

We will be working to get promos sent out to our global distributors in the next few days, so they can begin distributing promos to the conferences affected by these delays as soon as possible. This delay shouldn’t occur for Q2 promos, and Wizards of the Coast and Judge Academy are already working on adjusting future timelines and starting the processes for Q3/Q4 orders and shipments.

If You Are a Conference Organizer
Our global distributors in the US, Europe, APAC, and/or LatAm will be in touch with tracking once promos have arrived and been mailed out. 

If You Are a Conference Attendee
Please be patient with your organizers. We know the mailing process can take some time, but now that Judge Academy has received the promos, we will be doing everything possible to fast-track the distribution process.