July 2022 Judge Academy News and Updates

Hey, all! July News and Updates are below! 

Nicolette has begun her fabulous new job at Wizards of the Coast (Read more about that here!), so Samma, our Communications Champion, is stepping in for a bit as the Interim Magic Judge Program Manager.
Samma will be around for Office Hours tomorrow in the
JA Discord from 9-10am Pacific and from 4pm-5pm Pacific.

See these times in your local time zones: 9am Pacific / 4pm Pacific

June Content:

Since our last update, there’s been some new content by our Champions!

Q3 Judge Academy Promo Reveal:

  • Training Grounds
  • Smothering Tithe
  • Growing Rites of Itlimoc/Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun (Organizer/Presenter Preview Promo)


Advancements and Certifications:

BIG Congratulations to the following Judges and their recent accomplishments:

    • Klaus Lassacher (L2, Austria) – D2TL Badge

    • Samuele Tecchio (L2, France) – D2TL Badge

    • Matteo Callegari (L3, Italy) – LTHJ + L3 Evaluation Lead

    • Kevin Desprez (L3, France) – LTHJ

    • Carlos Ho (L3, Panama) – LTHJ

    • Sophie Pagès (L3, France) – L3 Evaluator

Day 2 Team Lead Badge, Sides Lead Badge, and Large Tournament Head Judge Applications are all live!

Upcoming Experiences:

  • First Week: On twitch.tv/judgeacademy this week, and the first full week of every month!
  • L3 Bonfire Meeting: L3s and L3Es join us for a social gathering the last Wednesday of every month at 10am Pacific and 5pm Pacific on the Judge Academy Discord.
  • Level 1 Merchandise Box information will be revealed very soon.

Privacy Settings:

Check your privacy settings! Having critical information hidden (such as your profile, name, level, or region/country) will make it much harder to be accepted to events or conferences. Having your info hidden also makes it harder to be contacted by potential employers for staffing opportunities, such as TOs looking for judges to staff their upcoming Regional Championship Qualifiers!


Samma and the Judge Academy Team