September 2022 Judge Academy News and Updates

Happy September everyone!

The revamped conference sponsorship application and information page are now live. We appreciate everyone’s questions and feedback regarding the new conference processes, and we will keep making improvements as we go.

While we’re on the topic of conferences, the 2022 End of Year Celebration conference sponsorship application is now up on the Judge Academy website. If you are interested in organizing one of these SUPER fun community events, please visit this page for more information: End of Year Celebration

OFFICE HOURS DAY IS TODAY, so please join us for our next session at 4pm Pacific over on the JA Discord!

August Content:

Since our last update, there has been new content created by our Champions!


Policy Wonks: It’s Never CPV (Except When It Is)

Strategy Schmategy: The Basics of Triaging

The Rulebook: It Depends


DMU Update Quiz – Easy

DMU Update Quiz – Hard


Magic Judge Checklist Page

Dominaria United Prerelease Kit

Q4 2022 Judge Academy Promos:

Animate Dead

Purphoros, God of the Forge

Upcoming Experiences:

First Week September is currently going strong over on
Don’t miss the last two exciting presentations on the schedule:

  • Toby Elliott / Thursday, 3pm Pacific / Policy – Current Events
  • Jeff Morrow / Friday, 10am Pacific / Rules Lessons From Across Games

Privacy Settings:

Check your privacy settings! Having critical information hidden (such as your profile, name, level, or region/country) will make it much harder to be accepted to events or conferences. Having your info hidden also makes it harder to be contacted by potential employers for staffing opportunities, such as TOs looking for judges to staff their upcoming Regional Championship Qualifiers!


Samma and the Judge Academy Team