February 2022 News and Updates

Hey, all! February News and Updates are below! 

I (Nicolette) will be around for Office Hours tomorrow in the JA Discord from 9am-10am Pacific (UTC-8) and from 4pm-5pm Pacific. To see these times in your local Timezones, follow the links below:

January Content:

Since our last update, there’s been some new content by our Champions!



Upcoming Experiences:

First Week: On twitch.tv/judgeacademy

Merchandising Packages Announced: 

Branded limited edition merchandise, available only to certified Judges and in limited quantities. Plus a *small* amount of promos included in the various boxes to give judges who didn’t get a chance to attend a conference in a particular wave another way to fill the hole in their collection. This is a test wave for, so we’ll see how it goes, but I really hope we can offer something like this at the end of every wave. If you have ideas for cool merch, please let us know! 

Privacy Settings: 

TOs are beginning to staff future events, and with physical conference plans returning, please take a moment to verify that your privacy settings are set to your liking/comfort. Due to various data/privacy laws, PRIVACY SETTINGS DEFAULT TO PRIVATE. It’s important to make sure you update your privacy settings by logging in and going to: https://judgeacademy.com/my-account/privacy/

A note on privacy here – while you always have the right to make any and all data private from other users, please note that having some critical information hidden (your profile, name, level, email, or region/country) will make it much harder to be accepted to events or conferences, or be contacted by potential employers for work and other staffing opportunities.



Nicolette and the Judge Academy team


  1. Dave

    “Branded limited edition merchandise, available only to certified Judges and in limited quantities.”

    “Preorder Timeline:
    L3/L3E February | L2+ March | L1+ April”

    Am I understanding this wording correctly to mean that by the time L2 or L1 judges could pre-order whatever the merch bundle is, that it could be sold out by that point and they never had a chance to get it?

    1. William J Boyson

      Hiya Dave,
      If i remeber the facebook comments on the post regarding this correctly; each level has their own limited qty’s. L3’s can only order the L3 boxes, once they’re gone, they’re gone

  2. AlexPanebianco

    I believe the Facebook comments stated that L3 could order any tier, L2 could order from the L2 or L1 tier and L1 could only order from L1, however, each tier will have increasing quantities available, to help ensure there should be enough stock available for the expected number of orders. It is also the case that each set of boxes will be unique from one another, so items in the L3 box won’t all be available in the L2 or L1 boxes. It might be the case there are some consistent items between the three, but the total contents will not be the same between tiers.