Update for January Mailing

Hey Judge Academy!

Sara Mox and Nicolette Apraez here with an update on the 1/15 judge promo mailing. Unfortunately due to a few mixups in logistics, there will be a small delay in this shipment for all areas. We expect promos to start mailing globally by 1/24 instead. We’re sorry for the bummer Wednesday update, and will make sure to update everyone when mailings start going out, we don’t expect any further delays with getting these Promos in the mail.


      1. Yud

        But, they opened the program to International Judges on January 6th. My origin country wasn’t part of the allowed countries to get a subscription until then. I would like that they had information on a FAQ or something.

  1. Dave

    Any updates on this? Wouldn’t be so antsy on it; but the conference I was at didn’t receive their foils, and we were told they’d go out with the January mailing…so doubly interested in knowing what’s going on.

    1. Dave

      Aaand of course they were waiting for me in the mailbox at home once I was home from work… thanks for getting these out swiftly JA! Much appreciated 🙂